Judges are hand selected volunteers from key media, supplier and retail member sources. The Judging process is a critical step, and procedures and guidelines are put in place to ensure that products are evaluated fairly. Judges are provided with specific criteria by which they are to evaluate each award. The general mission statement, plus examples and links to judging guidelines can be found below.

New as of 2016:

  • Scoring focuses on innovation, originality and consumer acceptance
  • Open-format judging: applicants can review the process, criteria and the judges themselves
  • Judging feedback is shared with each individual product submission for product development

If you are interested in becoming a juror, please contact Josephine Pham at jpham@retailcouncil.org


With the basic objectives of encouraging manufacturers to develop and market innovative food industry distribution products and to provide Canadian consumers with exceptional value and quality, the mission of the Canadian Grand Prix New Product AwardsTM is defined as follows:

A Retail Council of Canada consumer-focused annual awards program, the Canadian Grand Prix New Product AwardsTM celebrates advancement and excellence in new food distribution industry products to further encourage manufacturer innovation and to profile continued value to consumers. The Canadian Grand Prix New Product AwardsTM mission implies that jurors should view and evaluate products in a frame of mind similar to that of a consumer, one who is perhaps exposed to that product for the very first time. Canadian Grand Prix New Product AwardsTM jurors are required to view the products they are testing from the consumer’s perspective.

Food product testing will take place February - March 2018 at the Hôtel de l’institut (ITHQ).
Non-food product testing will be completed in February to mid- March.

Categories: (CPG and Private Label)


Food Evaluation Guidelines

Non-Food Evaluation Guidelines


If you are interested in becoming a juror, please contact Josephine Pham at jpham@retailcouncil.org

Our Chief Juror

Marcus A. VonAlbrecht

Marcus VonAlbrecht is a diversified specialist in the culinary and hospitality industry with over twenty-nine years of professional experience working with clients and students from across Canada and internationally. As a Chef, he has the depth of knowledge in front and back of the house operations and has an active role in the education and development of standards in the culinary profession. He lectures in both management and professional culinary training at colleges in British Columbia. As an international ambassador of the profession, Marcus is frequently taking delegations of Chefs to other countries to showcase exportable products on trade missions for Canada and or in world culinary competitions events where he is a judge and coach for the Canadian team. He has three food publications under his name, coordinated a cookbook for the BC Chefs Association and is a featured monthly writer for several magazines. March 2003, Marcus received the “Chef of the Year for Western Canada" and in 2005, "Chef Of Year for British Columbia." Currently he owns a food manufacturing plant, MAVA Foods, which produces food products for grocery stores, convenience stores, schools, BC Ferries, private label and the Meals on Wheels program for Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Langley.

As a consultant, his experience and understanding of the industry has enabled him to set up the VIP Chalets for the Molson Indy, establish a condiment line, “Eat Fresh Eat Local Eat Healthy" and "Food for Life" and successfully bring these Retail Meal Solutions to the BC marketplace. In 2014, Chef Marcus VonAlbrecht was inducted into the Canadian Culinary Federation Honour Society of Canada , a recognition shared with 62 other Canadians.